Islam of the meal and the Halal

Muslims accommodation in Kisarazu

Islam of the meal and the Halal Muslims accommodation in Kisarazu, Halal food and prayer room Villa corresponding to the Muslims [Jess Li Villa Tokyo] Jay Wai global based in Chiba Prefecture Kisarazu City, was opened accommodation corresponding to the Muslim month and day, in the city. The Villa [Jess Li Villa Tokyo] with a separate male and female prayer room, composed of a Halal correspondence of restaurants [paprika]. Upon maintenance of facilities, carried out interviews in the Muslim 00 people. Thorough a space development that spend sincerely peace of mind. Although equipped with a prayer room facility has increased across the country, was to be used in reflecting the voices, such as [size is not sufficient] [it not made by men and women], free of charge except for hotel guest. The restaurant is Muslim chef is cooking, it is a feature of the alcohol and pork can completely eliminate the meal. And a free shuttle from Haneda Airport, in the future also prepared tour. In cooperation with city and tourist organizations, promote the acceptance of a variety of travelers.

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