Islam of the meal and the Halal

Islam of the meal, and the Halal

Islam of the meal and the Halal Islam of the meal, and the Halal There is a meal of the rules in Islam In recent years a number of Muslims also came to sightseeing in Japan. Along with this, they That is, as get to spend with confidence greeted the Muslims, hospitality of country Japan is to deepen the understanding of Muslims. Muslims There are severe limitations to the meal. It is based on the [halal]. If you follow it, you can not, such as first restaurant in Japan. Because what they do not eat in Japan of the store has been provided normally. So you will need to know what kind of things do not eat. The Halal First and is Halal, [those legitimate, what was permitted] in Islamic law there is a meaning. This means that Muslims will be that it is not eat other than those permitted by this [halal]. So, what kind of things do you not accepted by the Muslims as [non-halal]. First of all, sake has been a totally NG. Therefore, it can not also be used as a seasoning such as mirin and cooking wine. Because it contains also such as sweets with rum, and it should be noted, such as does not contain a drink on the menu also in providing a candy Muslims will be able to order with confidence.

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