Islam of the meal and the Halal

Are not those that eat people of Muslim

Islam of the meal and the Halal Summarized in Figure things I can not eat a person of Muslim Have a friend of the Muslims (Muslims) is to author When you eat a meal with him We'll have to firmly care still things to eat, do not eat things He is the author of the role is to listen to the clerk's because Japanese is not yet fluent Even while to say that Also true not remember to still fine thing Because not the author Muslim. . . . Not say that Things because I was in the table can not eat Muslims Circumstances of the person, such as a similar want by all means take advantage. Because the information that I heard friend Bangladeshi man Sunni has become based on There may be slightly different depending on the sect Contents [Hide] Halal and Haram Haram foods Al-Haram as with animals Najisu and (unclean thing) is For food of non-animal (fish, vegetables, etc.

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