Islam of the meal and the Halal

Efforts to Muslim tourists Chiyoda-ku, advances

Islam of the meal and the Halal In Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Station, the Imperial Palace, Akihabara, there are a variety of popular regions such as Kanda, a lot of tourists and visitors from home and abroad. This time, we will introduce you start from 0 fiscal year in Chiyoda-ku, [Muslim tourists hospitality project]. The hospitality of the Muslims Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Station and is a gateway, because there is such as Imperial Palace visited by many foreign tourists, have visited many visiting tourists from home and abroad. In particular, the rapid increase of the visit to Japan tourists in the past few years has had a significant impact on tourism-related businesses in the region, tourist promotion than ever has become an important theme. Under such circumstances, and visa easing policy for the ASEAN countries, along with the economic growth, such as Malaysia and Indonesia, many Muslims have visited the Chiyoda-ku. However, a religion Islam is thin familiar to many Japanese, also due to coverage of the situation in the Middle East, for the entire Muslim, is the larger Japanese with the wrong bad image status quo.

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