Islam of the meal and the Halal

Released "Muslim-friendly preferential treatment guide"

Islam of the meal and the Halal JCB, the "Muslim-friendly Benefit Guide" was released The only international card brand management company in JCB Co., Ltd. Japan (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, Chairman and Executive Officer President: Hamago Ichiro) subsidiary to carry out overseas operations, JCB Co., Ltd. International (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo , President and CEO: Imada KoHisa) (hereinafter collectively [JCB]), we introduce the JCB card preferential treatment services that can be used in visit to Japan Muslim (Muslim) Muslim-friendly eateries to the traveler () to use the JCB card It has released a "Muslim-friendly preferential treatment guide". JCB cards billion in the world, cage 000 more than 10,000 members, Indonesia, India, that have been issued in many countries of the Muslims, such as Pakistan. And "Muslim-friendly preferential treatment guide For those who of the Muslim there is a limit to the meal by religious reasons, to introduce domestic Muslim-friendly eateries and its JCB preferential treatment information.

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