Islam of the meal and the Halal

Have Halal, Will Travel

Islam of the meal and the Halal Current world of Muslim (Muslim) population is to exceed 100 million people, accounting for the world's population about a minute of. In particular, Indonesia, split close billion million people of the population is Muslim, is the world's largest scale. More than half of the world's Muslim population is accounted for Asia, Malaysia and China in addition to Indonesia, we live in many Muslims also Singapore. In the future, the Muslim population is expected to be a fraction of the world's population in 00 years. In the future, because it is a market that is expected to be increasingly expanding, it has been noted that many companies, even in Japan, is necessary to Muslim travelers and proactively to maintenance and Japan attract promotion of acceptance environment to enjoy with peace of mind Yes you. In considering a business that targets the Muslims, [Halal (Halal)] does not is (allowed item in Islamic law) that their own culture can be ignored. In Islam, to eat, such as those to wear has been determined by Islamic law.

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